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Today's technology allows us to be able to capture real world items and produce exact copies.  This entails the use of powerful scanning tools which are able to capture the 3D data of very many items.  In the medical field we have CT and MRI scanners which are capable of internal capture of living tissue to the extent of being able to create models for teaching purposes and even make prosthesis for many parts of the human body.

 Conservation, here in Dundee we have the knowledge and skills to capitalise on 3D technologies. We can take  a massive leap ahead in the utilisation of 3D technology by capturing and preserving  History in a remarkable way. 

 Examples of  work in 3D have been made to educate  people unaware of the potential streams of a revolutionary new forms of industrial, medical, architectural and applications before them.  Nearer home we have  3D Scanning  facilities  with so much potential passing them by through lack of awareness to companies of the  possibilities  they possess.  Here   we can build a  nucleus of an awakening to Industry in Dundee.

VIRTUAL DUNDEE: A showcase for all things 3D a small team of enthusiasts promoting 3D in Dundee since 1998 with the aid of tools supplied by PARALLELGRAPHICS the world Leaders in 3D visualisations.  Please visit their site if you wish to see  excellence in 3D visualisation and the Products to create them.

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