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 Examples with Potential


What better than to educate our Fire Fighters of possible dangers lurking in different building developments.  The way to overcome this is to simulate each building in 3D.  This is the ideal medium for a hands on approach, being able to familiarise ones self to the layout of every home without ever having been in that particular building before.  This technology can even be relayed to Fire Fighting vehicles on the scene or even while they are on their way.

The technology is here and now!  See the other examples and see if they hold an answer for your particular field.


MODEL 103KB TAYSIDE FIRE BRIGADE  Spent 400,000 on Software to copy and draw building plans.  Outline3D could save the Government Millions!!!  Here is an example that took less than 5 minutes to make and can be used in Wireless communications, cutting time, effort, speed and LIVES!!  Familiarising Fire-fighters with their potential environments.
MODEL 198KB NINEWELLS MEDICAL TEACHING  Data from MRI and CAT Scans can now be viewed in VRML giving real 3 Dimensional Imaging.  This can be used for teaching aids and distance learning.  Files can be optimised for simulation of medical procedures.  A big thank you to Materialise for the use of Mimics and their expertise in converting Dicom data to VRML
MODEL 39KB BIO-DUNDEE    Dundee, Scotland's City of Discovery, is a world class centre of excellence in healthcare and biotechnology. Many of today`s molecular sciences use vrml to display the intricacies molecular biology.  On the left is a model used to show the potential of this 3D medium.  Note the file size for fast easy web distribution.
MODEL 159KB ENGINEERING    Many firms in the UK lack behind in the use of computers and the importance of technological breakthroughs that can benefit their companies. Did you know that some prototypes can be printed in  3D!  Soon everybody will be able to PRINT REAL 3D products even from home!  Vrml is the perfect medium for displaying your products.
MODEL 49KB 3D T.V. ?      Digital T.V. is now capable of showing 3D.  Ever wondered what the other possibilities of the RED Button can do?  Here is a wee visual example, take control and have a fly about!  There is also the possibilities of Gaming, 3D horse racing, 3D yacht racing.  The potential for vrml is endless it has many exciting opportunities for those with vision.