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Today's technology allows us to be able to capture real world items and produce exact copies.  This entails the use of powerful scanning tools which are able to capture the 3D data of very many items.  Some of those are text from old books that hold some beautiful images in 2D, here we can reconstruct the flat image into 3D

 Ideas are cheap it is the realisation of such ideas that can be turned into profit, what other way to bring over an idea than to have it there in 3D.  Visualisation to even a prototype.  Vrml provides the perfect medium to show a potential idea in 3D.   There are many applications for this technology all it requires is people to see it and understand what it holds.

MODEL 219KB BOOK OF KELLS      Items of text and line drawings from the book of Kells can be converted into  3D Contemporary Art as with many other artefacts thus giving a new dimension to some historic manuscripts.  Spin the object around and take a close look at the item in greater detail by zooming closer and seeing the work within.
MODEL 15KB INNOVATION    In 2003 we put forward this as an example of what we do in 3D to the Ideasfactory which we gather is part of Channel 4.  It was done to promote the uses of vrml in visualisation planning.  To our surprise the original idea is used on the Channel 4 T.V. to great effect and surpasses the original that we done.  Sadly we never were given any credit.
MODEL 104KB JEWELLERY    This item was made from an  image in the Book of Kells This was done as a demonstration of how to lift from books data that can then be transferred into artefacts of various composites.  This then allows for one to build up a piece of jewellery of different parts and create each piece as individual as the next.
MODEL 138KB GENERAL PURPOSE MACHINE GUN (NATO)   The GPMG or "Jimpy" is the U.K. Forces Light/Heavy Machine gun.  This model can be used to show the proper procedures in maintenance i.e.  How to strip and assemble in the correct way and set gas regulator.  Visualisations in 3D are probably the next best thing to hands on Training.  This model has been de-activated!!
MODEL 59KB SCOTS GUARDS       This model is the capbadge of  the finest Regiment in the Brigade of Guards.  The Scots Guards have the Freedom of the City of Dundee bestowed upon them and hold this as a mark of respect.  We here were only too proud to create a Screensaver for this fine Regiment who`s moto is  NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT