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All around the world we have precious artefacts and in this ever changing world we need to secure these artefacts for our children.  One way of securing this legacy is to copy the exact items as best we can.  It also opens the door to recreate these items for display and possible insurance back ups.

 All kinds of ideas can then enter the market, for example it is possible now to make a duplicate Adams Fireplace with the addition to be able to choose which type of stone to use in its  reconstruction.  Using Virtual Reality it is possible to build a catalogue of such wonderful works of art.  Here is but a few examples of what can and is being achieved.


 A Scottish Company who specialise in 3D scanning and they are an extremely competent and forward looking entity.   A breath of fresh air with an outlook to the future for Scotlands potential in the digital medium.  WWW.HYPERFOCAL.BIZ

MODEL 155KB King Tut      This is an old model found on the web with very little detail, we took it in and did a wee bit of work on him.  It is not to be regarded as a restoration but a mere bauble to titillate those interested in real conservation in 3D   Museums should use this medium to entice people to come to see the real thing. when in fact we find the reverse, where Museums spend quite a large part of their budget on placing such mediums in the Museums.  Use vrml on the Web to entice people to come and see the real thing!!  
MODEL 146KB ROMAN BOWL    This is a highly optimised model from an ancient Roman Bowl it was kindly donated by  HYPERFOCAL  The original file holds the exact data giving the object its true shape with all its dimples and blemishes the Real article holds. In creating from the original data set, most of the data is in excess to what is required for a visual on the web, but can still give a true representation.
MODEL 124KB CELTIC ART    Converted into the 3D digital medium has become collectable. This type of conservation may open the doors to the entrepreneur  with a flair for the artistic ancients.  Thus keeping alive the skills and artefacts in the general publics eye for the unusual and hauntingly beautiful work of the monks who created the originals.
MODEL 378KB DAVID ON PLINTH      This  scan was done for Umberto Giordanni and had to be highly optimised for us to use on the web.  The features of this marvellous piece had to be kept to the highest level and required many decisions before this presentation good enough to show.  There are many works of art that need to be brought to the attention of the world and what better than virtuality
MODEL 147KB GOLD WALL PANEL      This model was used to show the uses of vrml in a Virtual Construction Layout being able to recreate historic settings using the arts of the period.  As a cross platform tool vrml has so much potential that it cannot be ignored.  This item was infact used in a Powerpoint Presentation in 3D  There are many applications that this medium  fits into.