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The Train Game

As with the Basket Ball and Excavator were made by the folks at Parallelgraphics.  Combining play with  educational  items such as the Excavator.  Just like the real world, all are in 3D.  The interaction of even just moving what looks like a static picture conjures ideas and different angles to interact within.

 Take your time to understand what is there and what you can do in each 3D world.  There is lot`s of vrml on the web and after you have seen in here we hope we have given you the need to find more exciting worlds in 3D.   We can even create some interesting 3D Screensavers such as the ones we made for our Maritime Volunteers here in Dundee.


MODEL 24KB 3D Railway      From the birdseye view layout your track using the click and drag technology.  Then right click on the layout and select Viewpoints from there select the view you wish. How about having ago at driving the train Select Cab view and drive the train over your layout.  See how skilled you become pulling into and out of station.  This is a favourite game!
MODEL 71KB BASKETBALL    Try your skill level at this game.  An ingenious  use of physics and clever scripting from the folks at Parallelgraphics.  Use your mouse for elevation and direction and then pull back on the power arrow to release your prediction of co-ordinates and see if you have judged the right angles and power to get your ball in the net!  A brilliant lesson in trajectory.
MODEL 156KB MARITIME VOLUNTEER SERVICE    Dundee has its own branch of .Maritime Volunteers.  They are based on board the historic Lightship North Carr.  The North Carr is the only surviving Scottish lightship and is the only lightship in Britain to have retained most of her original equipment, fittings and decor. She is currently undergoing the first phase of a complete restoration
MODEL 138KB BELLROCK LIGHTHOUSE      The oldest existing rock Lighthouse in the British Isles is the tower on the Bell, or Inchcape, Rock a long and treacherous reef lying in the North Sea, some 12 miles East of Dundee and in the fairway of vessels plying to and from the Firths of Tay and Forth.  Right Click for Viewpoints in 3D window
MODEL 59KB 360 EXCAVATOR       This model is also used as a distance learning tool.  The great thing about vrml is the potential it holds, not only can it be of great use but the interaction it can contain leave open the doors to the most fertile of minds the importance of development structures through play.  Please enjoy your experience in vrml and assess the potential it may hold for YOU!