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High quality visualisations are a key element of our joint work, the VRMLs are often a spin-off from these, one feeds the other and vice-versa. While VRMLs are catching up with visualisations in terms of quality it will be some time yet until the photorealistic quality of visualisations can be reproduced in real-time. Here is a showcase of visualisations of different genres of work which we are proud of, some you will recognise from their respective VRMLs.

This page contains a large number of jpeg images each about 50kb in size, on a regular modem connection it will take some time for all the images to come in.
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Virtual Dundee - Architectural - Interiors - Web - Graphics - Educational
Camperdown House
Discovery Point ... home of RRS Discovery
University of Dundee ... central area of campus
Dundee College ... complete campus site of the Space dance school
Architectural Projects return to top
Waterways Ireland HQ ... competition graphic
Informatics Centre, Dundee ... health board office building for PMS Forfar
Footbridge ... competition entry for Nicoll Russell Architects
Wall elevation ... test designs for B&Q c/o Keppie Design
House Extension ... major extension to trad. Holding type house for me!
Millennium Link ... the Falkirk Wheel that did not get built NRS design
Urban Park, Paris ... student project by Rick Thomas
Students Union, University of St. Andrews ... site model
Housing, Scott St. Perth ... planning application visuals, Keppie Design
Interiors Projects return to top
Murrayshall Hotel & GC, Scone ... client visuals for Fergus Purdie Architect
Data Processing Room, Scottish Parliament ... bid visual for Astron
Bar ... just practising
Web Projects return to top
Magilligan Point ... sales visuals for client
Graphics Work return to top
Paradise Lost ... band logo turned to 3d ... used on 'Reflections' CD inner cover
Opeth ... band logo turned to 3d ... hoping the band may use it in the future
Incendiary ... band logo
DDT (Dundee Design Team) ... in-joke
JVC Speakers ... practising again
Dundee University Crest ... used on prospectus CD Rom
BRTN TV Mast ... student project
Educational Material return to top
3d Test Pieces ... undergraduate teaching material for Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee University