About Us

Dundee Design Team

A name with unusually un-original initials DDT......  Yes, we have heard them all before, but please bear in mind, there are no flies on us!!  ;-)

 Back in 1997 we woke up to the potential of 3D and saw in VRML a brilliant way of getting ideas out on the web in 3D.  The only problem we had was getting the folks out there to waken up to its potential.   The name Virtual Dundee was brought about to bring enlightenment to the potential here in our home town.  Dundee has a reputation for being the Digital capital of Scotland, all eyes were on the Games markets and competition was fierce. 

Dundee Design Team is made up of all kinds, professional architects, artists, welders, programmers, system analysts, hobbyists and even a brickie.  All with skills in 3D with the arts  this media requires.  We keep in contact with various other skill houses such as scanning facilities, museum conservationists and the list continues.

We can also provide

  • 3D Visualisations
  • 3D Scanners
  • 360 Milling and drilling
  • 3D Prototype printers
  • YAG Lasers/Glass Engraving
  • 3D data Conversion

It would be great for Dundee to have a purpose built building housing these  essentials.    3D holds many ideas for forward looking companies wishing to improve with the new innovations out there.